What’s Cool in Melbourne

What’s Cool in Melbourne for Young Adults?

If you are under 30 and find yourself in the city of Melbourne, you may be asking the questions “What’s cool in Melbourne”? There are actually a lot of cool things in Melbourne simply because it is just a really cool city. With attractions and events to please everyone, no matter if you are alone or in a group, you will certainly be able to find some fun and cool things to do in Melbourne during your stay.

If you want something that is fun for all ages and can take you right back to childhood, try the Melbourne Zoo. It is the oldest zoo in Australia and the third oldest in the world. Must see attractions at the zoo include the state of the art butterfly house and the primate enclosure. If you are there on select summer nights they have fee live jazz concerts which are very cool, indeed.

If you want more fun, venture over the city limit into St. Kilda, a suburb of Melbourne. Not only is St. Kilda home of a great amusement park called Luna Park, it is filled with unique and funky shops, restaurants and clubs that are all, of course, very cool.

Finally you should check out the Melbourne aquarium. This is a world class aquarium located right on the Yarra River in Melbourne. The ultimate answer to “What’s cool in Melbourne”, they offer hundreds of aquatic species to view, pet, hold and even have cafes and restaurants in the aquarium should you need a snack or meal. But, the coolest thing in Melbourne is the well developed and varied nightclub scene which has something for everyone.


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