Sorry Grandmas

Sorry Grandmas, A Club For Those That Want To Party The Night Away

Sorry grandmas, a club that heads up the Melbourne party scene. The high-energy, fast-paced party scene is a plethora of constantly changing styles and preferences. The dress code ranges from very casual to high style depending on the specific scene. The ethnic clubs may turn you away for not being ethnic enough, or for trying too hard.

Even the casual clubs may not let you in if you show up in jeans and a t-shirt. Middle of the road is the key to getting in anywhere. It’s true that you can never dress up too much for the club, but it can be really embarrassing to be way over-dressed. If you keep it looking smart, sexy and cool without over-doing it, then you can get in anywhere. Make sure all your friends know the look you are pushing for before you go out. It can be uncomfortable to have all of your friends but one allowed in. The quandary that results can make or break friendships.

Sorry grandmas enjoys an eclectic mix, but expect their crowd to be well dressed and ready to party. The club scene is for younger people, though some clubs cater to folks in their forties. That is pretty much the maximum age for Melbourne night clubs. If you travel outside the club area on King Street you can find places geared for older folks, but nothing in the hottest area in town. The look and style you need is way too young to look good on the over fifty crowd.


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