Sorry Grandma Web Casts

Sorry Grandma Web Casts Bring the DJ Home

Every Friday and Saturday night there is a party on King Street and those parties are broadcast by Sorry Grandma web casts live. Visit the website online so you can see the party. Never miss the top DJs if you won’t be able to go to the club, view the live webcast and it’s almost like you’re there with everyone, enjoying the music and dancing the night away.

Sorry Grandma web casts also let you bring the DJ right into your home. International artists perform for your parties all due to the Sorry Grandma web casts. You can either save money or spend it on other things for your party when you don’t have to hire a DJ. You get music that is just like the club’s, because it is the music playing at the club! Now, not only will your parties be known for the great food, top shelf booze and hot gals and guys, but also for the jammin’ tunes.

Another great feature of the web casts is that you can take a peek at yourself. Did you see a hot guy and want to make sure you didn’t act as silly as you think you did? Check out the web cast and find out. Now there will be no more early mornings where you aren’t quite sure what you did last night. You can simply log in and get a full video log of your night and check to see if you did anything you might need to apologise for.


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