Sorry Grandma Night Club

Sorry Grandma Night Club is a New Cornerstone in the Melbourne Club Scene

Sorry Grandma, a night club in Melbourne, is relatively new on the scene. The Melbourne night club scene is in constant flux, with new clubs opening and old clubs closing on a regular basis. The club scene as a whole thrives in Melbourne, but many clubs find it difficult to keep up with the demand for new, new, new.

Sorry Grandma night club has had no problem keeping its customers satisfied and coming back for more. The wide variety of music that is played appeals to everyone and the warm atmosphere sets it apart from other club venues. Since its opening in 2010, Sorry Grandma has exploded onto the scene with great local talents DJ-ing. The international DJs that perform also help keep the club at the top of the scene.

Open on Friday and Saturday, the club caters to both party animals and relaxed talkers. The dance floor is huge and always packed, but the Parlour is nicely subdued and very chill. The combination means that you can find anything you are looking for in this revolving party. Enjoy the dancing until you need a break, and then wander over to a booth and relax as you refresh yourself.

The fabulous tea-based cocktails and jugs of sangria make the perfect cap for the evening as you relax after the crazy pace of the dance floor. The combination of frenetic activity and relaxed conversation makes this crossover club a great place to spend an evening or even the whole night.


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