Sorry Grandma Melbourne

Sorry Grandma, Melbourne Is For the Young

The night club scene in Melbourne is fabulous. It offers all styles of live music, top notch restaurants and a vast variety of bars. Sorry grandma, Melbourne is definitely a place for the young and upcoming professional. As one of the most urbanised areas of Australia, Melbourne offers all kinds of entertainment and the relaxed attitude make it a great spot for eighteen and up.

Drinking is legal for anyone over eighteen and the bars are open pretty much twenty four seven. The night clubs are hopping and have great energy. They cover every type of music from house to disco and everything in between. Melbourne is known for its broad avenues, small little lanes with corner pubs nestled in every neighbourhood and ethnic dance clubs. King Street is the night club locale, home to Sorry Grandma in Melbourne, a fantastic club. This particular night club caters to the young professional and concentrates on providing musical variety and wonderful cocktails in a comfortable atmosphere.

Other hot spots in Melbourne include: The Basement Café, which serves fabulous food and great coffee along with a side of live music; The Regent Theatre, a great place to see a live show in a historical building; and Victoria Market, which is thronging with shops, restaurants and corner pubs. Make sure you visit them all when you’re touring in the city before capping your night off at Sorry Grandma in Melbourne. Melbourne is a great mix of shining lights, down home charm and cosy comfort. Enjoy the experience of exploring this city that truly never sleeps.


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