Sorry Grandma Melbourne CBD

Sorry Grandma in the Melbourne CBD is The Night Club of Choice

Sorry Grandma in the Melbourne CBD is a great place to stop by when you are visiting. The club is hot, with a variety of music played every Friday and Saturday night. Enjoy dancing to the sounds of several different DJs and music styles from techno to R&B.

When morning comes and you are just stumbling out of Sorry Grandma in the Melbourne CBD, your next stop will be a place to sleep. Check out the Langham, one of Melbourne’s five star hotels. As a tourist city Melbourne has a ton of five star hotels available, but when travelling, staying at an international chain removes some of the element of exploration.

It is always nice to find new local places to support and gain a better idea of the local customs and traditions. If you stay in the tourist areas you often miss out on the best that the locale has to offer. Finding popular local spots lets you experience the best a city has to offer, and in Melbourne that is not difficult at all.

Queen Victoria Market, Prahran Market and South Melbourne Market are jam packed with small, local businesses that are popular hangouts for the natives and offer great shopping opportunities. These markets offer a ton of variety including: art, jewellery, make-up, hair accessories, furniture, clothing for all ages, groceries, fresh produce and meat, souvenirs, wines and lots of take away cafes. Visiting Melbourne offers a wide variety of experiences, and you should make a point of trying as many as you can. And if you ask any local about the best club around, they will be sure to point you towards Sorry Grandma.


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