Sorry Grandma Guestlists

Sorry Grandma Guestlists Get You the VIP Treatment

Want to visit the club, but don’t want to pay full price? Looking for an easy way to invite all your friends? Check out Sorry Grandma guestlists. This online function allows you to tell Sorry Grandma who you would like to invite and get them put on a special invite list. No waiting in long lines only to be turned away at the door when you use Sorry Grandma guestlists. Instead, go right in at a discounted price. All your friends need to do is mention your name.

The guestlist will let them get in for a discounted price and join you for a night of fun and grooving to the disco sounds of Sorry Grandma. Great DJs will do their thing all night long and well into the morning. Start the party around 9 PM and don’t stop until well after the sun comes up the next day. Nestled on King Street, the nightclub location of choice, Sorry Grandma is an ultra-cool multi-generational party.

This fabulous night spot isn’t only a dance haven, but also offers great cocktails, swift table service and comfortable seating so that you can relax as you listen to some of the best music in Melbourne. Cocktails fit the atmosphere with their tea theme and fruity sangria is always an excellent refresher.

Enjoy all the benefits of being a VIP when you use the guestlist feature online to book ahead. Everyone deserves to feel like someone special and at Sorry Grandma it’s as easy as filling out an online form.


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