Sorry Grandma Guest Lists

Sorry Grandma, These Guest Lists are Friends Only

When putting together a party list there are people that just don’t make the cut, sorry grandma, these guest lists are for friends only. No grandma’s need apply. When you are out and partying, the last thing you want to worry about is running into grandma. Nothing takes the fun out of it like knowing all the trouble you will have to face the next morning. Yes, you are an adult, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t still someone’s grandbaby. No grandparent has an easy time actually realising that their grandchild is all grown up and ready for some sexy fun.

But that is exactly what you are after on a Friday and Saturday night. A great club, with awesome DJs spinning dance mixes that you can really move to. Sorry grandma, guest lists for these parties are strictly limited to the younger crowd. They may be playing disco beats, but they are all new and all cool for dancing the night away and watching the sun rise. Kick back and relax after a couple of exhausting hours on the dance floor in one of the comfortable booths or hidden nooks and crannies at the club. Enjoy soothing tea based cocktails or a fruity jug of sangria while you chat with friends and recuperate.

Fridays and Saturdays are made for fun and nothing beats a party. Every Friday and Saturday are party days in Melbourne. Check out King Street for some of the hottest clubs and best music anywhere in the city.


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