Sorry Grandma Fridays

Get off the Couch and Kick-Start the Weekend in Style with Sorry Grandma Fridays

Does “all dressed up and nowhere to go,” describe you? Well don’t just sit there, swing by Sorry Grandma Fridays for an evening of partying. Relaxing at home after a long day of work is great during the week, but the weekend starts on Friday. Get yourself in gear and get ready to party. Put on your club shoes and dress to impress, then head out the door to join an all-night dance party. Friday nights start at 10pm and run all the way until 8am the next morning. That gives you plenty of time to swing home after work, hit the hay for a couple hours, grab a nap and still have time to dress for the party.

Every Friday is a night to remember. Sorry Grandma Fridays kick off the weekend in style and let you work off all the stress from your week. Let it all go on the dance floor as your body rocks to the rhythm of the music. House, techno and R&B are just a few of the musical styles that are standard at Sorry Grandma. Get your dance work out in for the week while having a blast at this local night club. The Melbourne night scene is the best, with a bit of everything to cover all interests.

Check out the live webcasts, broadcast every Friday and Saturday night, to take a look at what you are in for when you party with best. As you page through the online photo gallery check to see if your friends have already found this groovy club.


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