Sorry Grandma Booking

Sorry Grandma Booking Makes Party Planning a Breeze

Want to book a party? A night club is the perfect place to do that. Sorry Grandma booking is easy. Simply visit the website, register and start making your guest list. As long as it is submitted before 4:30 pm on the day you want to party, you are good to go. Why bother with all the details of party planning when there is always a party going on at Sorry Grandma?

Avoid the chaos and confusion, not to mention expense, of planning a party in your own home or at an event location, instead submit your guest list and go with Sorry Grandma booking online. This makes party planning as easy as possible by taking all the stress out of it. Discounted rates are automatic when you submit a guest list, and when heading there for a birthday party it is even cheaper as Sorry Grandma will throw in four drink passes for the birthday lady/gent.

Although this club is new to the Melbourne night scene it is already making a name for itself. Fabulous design work by Michael Delaney makes this club a top destination for the party crowd looking for good music in a variety of styles. Sorry Grandma plays a mix of house, R&B, disco and techno to appeal to a broad range of clientele. Choose your music along with your backdrop by chillin’ in either the Disco or Parlour. The great tasting and refreshing cocktails don’t hurt either. No city in the world compares to Melbourne when you are looking for a party.


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