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Quick Guide to the Best Nightclub in Melbourne

Visiting Melbourne and taking some time out to hit the nightclubs is a great way to have fun and meet the locals face to face. If you are wondering about the best nightclub in Melbourne, well, it will totally depend on who you ask! There are certainly many nightclubs that deserve that distinction. The real answer will depend on what you are looking for in a club. There are many types of nightclubs in Melbourne from those that strictly play Europop to those who are all house music all the time.

You will also find theme clubs, like those that play music from the 1980s. One way to find the …read more

Birthdays at Sorry Grandma are Unforgettable

Celebrate your birthdays at Sorry Grandma to get the best deals. When you register for a birthday event at Sorry Grandma you get four free drink tickets to use that night. Keep them all for yourself or dole them out to friends, either way they help you save money while you enjoy your celebration.

Setting up your guest list for birthdays at Sorry Grandma is incredibly simple. Check out the website, register and then send in the list. All your guests will be offered a discount on the cover price if they mention your name at the door, making the evening both fun …read more

Booking for Sorry Grandma is Easy and Quick

A great place to have a party is a place where a party is always going on. If you are looking to find a place to let your hair down then look at local night clubs.

Booking for Sorry Grandma is a fast and simple process. If you have small group simply register on the website and input your guest list. Lists turned in prior to 4:30pm are processed that day. As long as you don’t need the whole club it can be a breeze to plan your next event.

No worries about ordering food, providing beverages or getting entertainment when you arrange a booking at Sorry Grandma. The benefits are endless; no clean-up, inexpensive and low stress. Once you send …read more

How to Behave in a Cool Nightclub in Melbourne

If you are going to a cool nightclub in Melbourne and are not sure how to act, there are some definite tips available to help you stay well behaved and keep your cool allure. Nightclubs in Melbourne are quite a big part of the culture and knowing how to act can help you stay throughout the evening and not step on any feet or break any rules during your night out. One of the best ways to start off on the right foot is to look good. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a new outfit, but you should look trendy and well groomed. It is always better to over dress than under dress. You should never wear blue jeans or tennis shoes to any nightclub. Once in the club and on the dance floor, there is also a code of conduct there. If you are intoxicated, try to keep yourself in one area of the club. Jumping all over the place and flailing your arms about is not a great way to make sure you last the night in the club. Have fun, but keep your dancing under control. Another hint about …read more

Hot Spots in Melbourne for Nightlife – Know Where To Go

Melbourne is considered a lot of things, including the financial centre of Australia. It is also well known for art, fashion and of course, its nightlife. Though the nightlife of Melbourne is spread throughout the city, some of the best known hot spots in Melbourne are areas within the city like the central business district, the city centre and St. Kilda, on the outskirts of the city.

The central business district, or CBD, of Melbourne boasts some of the hottest clubs in the city. Here you will find a lot of house music and electronic beats along with …read more

University Students and Melbourne CBD Nightclubs Are A Perennial Combination

With two major universities in the central business district of Melbourne, CBD nightclubs are usually rocking, alive and well, at all times. If you are a student at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology or the University of Melbourne, you are probably well acquainted with the nightlife of Melbourne and if you are a new student to either university, you probably are looking forward to becoming acquainted with the CBD night life.

As a young adult paradise, the CBD of Melbourne plays host to many nightclubs, bars, restaurants and even strip clubs, if that’s your poison. University students are the perfect guests for these clubs as they cater to the young, beautiful and hip young adult who wants to have fun, dance and hear …read more

The Many Types of Melbourne CBD Nightlife, Something For Everyone

If you are a visitor to Melbourne and looking for the best night spots, you definitely want to try the Melbourne CBD. Nightlife here comes in all types of entertainment from the house beats of the nightclubs to the trendiest restaurants in the city, state and even country. Nightclubs are king in the central business district when the sun sets and there will be a club for every taste and desire in Melbourne.

There are night clubs in Melbourne that play all types of music then there are those that specifically cater to fans of 80s music, Europop, House music or some of the most wicked electronic music you have heard. Other clubs are sectioned where you can dance on one level …read more

Find Your Melbourne Nightclub Photos Online

As a person who has been to a lot of nightclubs in Melbourne, you probably know that many of them take photos for their website, for promotional materials and to display to the world in any way they wish. You may be wondering, if I have been to these clubs, how do I know if I have been in these Melbourne nightclub photos?

Unfortunately you can’t know for sure, but there are a few things you can do to try to find them if they exist.

The first thing you should do is to go to the clubs website. Most likely, if they have taken photos, they are uploaded there. Some of them require registration, butit is usually free and takes …read more

Melbourne Nightclub Pictures A Night To Remember

If you are a patron at a nightclub, you should probably be aware that many clubs take photos of their patrons both with and without their permission. They are often used for promotional purposes and they may even be posted on the internet for all to see. Melbourne nightclub pictures, for instance, may be used for tourist promotions and your photos could be seen by people who live all over the world.

To make sure you are putting your best side to the camera, remember to always …read more

The Melbourne Nightclub Scene is Perfect for Hen Nights

If you are planning the ultimate hen’s night in Melbourne, there are many amazing places to indulge and have a blast before making the walk down the aisle. The Melbourne nightclub scene has anything and everything for the perfect hen’s night for you and all the ladies in your life.

There are loads of cafes, nightclubs, bars, restaurants and even some spicy adult entertainment options that are all part of the Melbourne nightclub scene. Though you can plan out a perfect hen’s night by keeping a list of nightclubs in your mind, you can have just as much fun and excitement by walking around some of Melbourne’s hotspots. Many of the nightclubs in Melbourne are hidden away on …read more

Melbourne Nightclubs – Get Out And About And Find New Adventures

In Melbourne, Australia, the club scene is fairly unique compared to other big cities in the world. Many of the Melbourne Nightclubs are hidden away on side streets, tucked in between buildings where banking and financial companies thrive and work in the daylight hours. Once the sun sets, the streets come alive, the clubs open and many boast some of the best house music in the world. With local and visiting DJs from around the world, visiting the side streets and hidden clubs of Melbourne can be an unforgettable experience for anyone who wants to take the plunge.

There are many clubs in Melbourne that are theme clubs and many others that are …read more

Melbourne Nightlife on King Street – Where To Go For Fun

When on the hunt for the best Melbourne nightlife, everyone should definitely head over to King Street. Beginning in West Melbourne and running through Melbourne to Flinders Street, King Street and the areas around it is the hub of nightlife in the city. Decidedly becoming the hippest place in the city for night clubs, bars, strip clubs and trendy restaurants, King Street is definitely the place to be when the sun goes down in Melbourne.

With something to do for everyone, even groups fare well on King Street since there are so many activities to engage in. The night clubs play host to world famous DJs who …read more

Must See in Melbourne – Nightclubs, Museums and More, You’ll Never Be Bored

No matter if you are in Melbourne for a day, week or longer, there are some several things classified as must see in Melbourne that you should not miss! Melbourne is one of the most culturally rich cities in Australia and also well known for its business base, beaches, nightlife and shopping districts.

The National Gallery of Victoria is the oldest museum in Australia and admission to the main gallery of the museum is free. Occasionally travel or special exhibits will visit and there will be a charge associated with them. The art work is amazing and even the architecture itself is quite stunning.

If you like museums and didn’t have enough with the National Gallery of Victoria, try the National Opal Collection. It is guaranteed to be like nothing you have seen before and will …read more

Visiting Nightclubs in Melbourne CBD – Know Your Way Around

Melbourne is known well for many things, one of them being the outstanding nightlife, another as being a major financial centre in Australia and Asia. When you marry the two together, you will get a nice variety of nightclubs in the Melbourne CBD. Though the central business district is ties and suits during the day, at night it transforms and is home to over 50 bars, pubs, nightclubs and restaurants.

Before you get dressed and ready to go, you need to be aware of a few unwritten rules of the nightclubs. Though some are plainly common sense, others may be a surprise. Common sense should tell you that no matter what nightclub you are at in the world, you should be respectful and in …read more

Low Key Nightclubs in Melbourne

If you are in Melbourne and want to experience the nightlife there are many nightclubs. Many of them have DJs who play house music, electronic music, indie music and hip hop. Along with that comes a lot of dancing, thumping beats and mixed drinks. Luckily, if this isn’t your scene, there are other nightclubs in Melbourne that are a bit lower key. They still play great music, but have a more relaxed atmosphere.

Some of the clubs in Melbourne are dual clubs. They may have a high energy, classy, flashy area on the first floor. They probably have high class cocktails and fancy food on the menu, but if you go upstairs you will find a very low key, comfortable area with beers, comfort food and burgers and chips. Usually the dual clubs are extra fun because you have …read more

Top Places to see in Melbourne

If you are visiting Melbourne for the first time, you are in for a treat. There are tons of places to see in Melbourne and certainly something for every taste and personality. The city is filled with art, culture, amusement attractions, parks, theatres, beaches, sporting events, top notch restaurants and nightclubs. With an endless array of options, it can certainly be difficult to narrow down the exact things you want to see. So much so that you will probably have to make a second trip or extend your stay in order to fit it all in!

You will likely want to visit the areas of Melbourne where all the action takes place such as the city centre, home of the central business district by day and amazing nightlife when the sun goes down. Other top places to see in …read more

Hot Places to Visit in Melbourne for Backpackers

Melbourne is an amazing city if you are a backpacker and there are many places to visit in Melbourne that may pique your interest. There are plenty of hostels available in Melbourne but just because you are backpacking, it doesn’t mean you have to stay in a hostel, there are plenty of cheap rooms available as well that cater to the needs of backpackers. Once you have found a place to stay while in Melbourne, you should venture out to the city and explore.

Though there are many areas of Melbourne, one of the coolest, especially at night is the central business district, or CBD. During the day the CBD is home to the financial hub of Australia, but as the sun sets, it becomes what you would never expect when seeing it during the day – a nightlife scene that is world class.

Both day and night there are plenty of things to see …read more

Best Places to Visit in Melbourne Around the CBD

As a visitor to Melbourne, you may be wondering about the best places to visit in Melbourne while you when you are there. One area you want to make sure you visit is the CBD or the central business district. During the day, Melbourne’s business elite call these streets and lanes home, but when the sun goes down, the area comes alive with a multitude of bars, pubs, restaurants and most importantly, nightclubs. This is the hotspot for night life in Melbourne.

While exploring the CBD in Melbourne, there are certainly wonderful places to see such as the Melbourne Aquarium, the beautiful parks where you may find an impromptu concert or activity, or you can take a river cruise in order to get a full look at the city in a unique way. Talking a walk along the …read more

Food at Popular Nightclubs in Melbourne Keeps Your Body Going Into The Wee Hours

It is quite common to want a tasty treat or naughty nibble after clubbing late into the hours no matter where you are. Many of the popular nightclubs in Melbourne have food service, but customers at those clubs who do not, rely on street fare to feed their bodies. From hot dogs to burgers to the latest Asian inspired fare, food trucks and stands set up to feed the masses as they leave the clubs.

Food trucks are quite common around the popular nightclubs in Melbourne. From the cheap and easy hot dogs, pizza slices and fried foods like chips, to the noodle trucks serving up bowls of noodles for hungry dancers, there is quite a variety of food available. In addition to those foods, there is …read more

Sorry Grandma Birthdays Are The Best Way To Celebrate

Celebrate your birthday in style and with panache by hitting the club for a night on the town. Sorry Grandma birthdays include discounts on admission for your guests and four drink tickets to start the night off right. Why throw a party when every Friday and Saturday night, Sorry Grandma does it for you. Enjoy the music as you throw back a couple of refreshing cocktails or glasses of sangria.

Once you are loose and relaxed head out onto the dance floor to shake it to the music. Show off all your moves and have some fun. Let your hair down and enjoy celebrating your …read more

Sorry Grandma Booking Makes Party Planning a Breeze

Want to book a party? A night club is the perfect place to do that. Sorry Grandma booking is easy. Simply visit the website, register and start making your guest list. As long as it is submitted before 4:30 pm on the day you want to party, you are good to go. Why bother with all the details of party planning when there is always a party going on at Sorry Grandma?

Avoid the chaos and confusion, not to mention expense, of planning a party in your own home or at an event location, instead submit your guest list and go with Sorry Grandma booking online. This makes party planning as easy as possible by taking all the stress out of it. Discounted rates are automatic when you …read more

Sorry Grandma Events Offer Something for Everyone

Check out the website to get the latest info on Sorry Grandma events. Every Friday and Saturday night is a party at this first rate night club in Melbourne. The DJ line-up is simply fabulous including such names as: Kalsumike|Metro, Silversix, Funk|Da|House, Sebatian|Morxx, Stefan F vs. Mingles, Mikey|Kay, Mark|Hardy, Alex| M C K vs. Lucas|H, Dylan|Whitefield vs. Chris|Bloomfield, Le|Rouge and Itch’n’Scratch|Mafia.

Never miss Sorry Grandma events when you register online to receive their updates. Get information on all the newest DJs and when they will be performing. You will also get access to …read more

Get off the Couch and Kick-Start the Weekend in Style with Sorry Grandma Fridays

Does “all dressed up and nowhere to go,” describe you? Well don’t just sit there, swing by Sorry Grandma Fridays for an evening of partying. Relaxing at home after a long day of work is great during the week, but the weekend starts on Friday. Get yourself in gear and get ready to party. Put on your club shoes and dress to impress, then head out the door to join an all-night dance party. Friday nights start at 10pm and run all the way until 8am the next morning. That gives you plenty of time to swing home after work, hit the hay for a couple hours, grab a nap and still have time to dress for the party.

Every Friday is a night to remember. Sorry Grandma Fridays kick off the weekend in style and let you work off all the stress from your week. Let it all go on the …read more

Dress to the Nines and Hit All the Sorry Grandma Functions

Going out to Sorry Grandma functions at the club don’t include the elderly. When you are getting ready to head out to your favourite club a grandma is the last thing you want to see. Instead you are focused on all the hot ladies and guys you will be seeing this evening. Putting the finishing touches on your make-up and checking that your outfit is both hot and stylish. Getting turned away from a club is so embarrassing; make sure it never happens to you by always being dressed to the nines.

No drab and boring day ware, but current fashions, is what you should be wearing to make sure that you are actually going to the club to party. Put on the club gear and know that you …read more

Is This the Club for Me? Check Out the Sorry Grandma Gallery

Not sure what night club to visit this weekend? Check out the Sorry Grandma gallery online to see the crowd that you want to be a part of. Hot guy and gals get all dolled up every Friday and Saturday night to hit this newer nightclub. It has only been around for about two years, but Sorry Grandma is really making a name for itself on the Melbourne party scene. Featuring two levels that have several different DJs playing each night to give you a variety of musical sounds Sorry Grandma is certainly a great night club to spend a Friday or Saturday evening.

The Sorry Grandma gallery lets you see what kind of crowd flocks to this club so that you won’t be under or overdressed. This night club has a little something for everyone playing house mixes, techno re-mixes, smooth R&B and a little bit of disco. Dance until you drop in the huge Disco upstairs and …read more

Don’t Wait in Line, Use the Sorry Grandma Guest List

Tired of heading out for a night on the town and trying to coordinate all your friends and make sure you get into one of the hottest night clubs in town? Well, now you have no more worries. With the Sorry Grandma guest list feature on their website, simply and quickly let all your friends know where you will be hanging next Friday and Saturday night and get them quick, discount entry. All they have to do is mention your name to receive the discounted admission.

This great feature means that there is always room for your guests and they don’t pay through the nose. The Sorry Grandma guest list makes scheduling a night on …read more

Sorry Grandma, These Guest Lists are Friends Only

When putting together a party list there are people that just don’t make the cut, sorry grandma, these guest lists are for friends only. No grandma’s need apply. When you are out and partying, the last thing you want to worry about is running into grandma. Nothing takes the fun out of it like knowing all the trouble you will have to face the next morning. Yes, you are an adult, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t still someone’s grandbaby. No grandparent has an easy time actually realising that their grandchild is all grown up and ready for some sexy fun.

But that is exactly what you are after on a Friday and Saturday night. A great club, with awesome DJs spinning dance mixes that you can really move to. Sorry grandma, guest lists for …read more

Sorry Grandma this Guestlist is for Thirty and Under

Sorry grandma, this guestlist is not for you. Invite all your closest friends to join you for a great party at one of Melbourne’s hottest night clubs. Register online and send out emails inviting your friends to join you, offering them a discount on the admission fee. Move your body to the house and disco rhythms played by some of Melbourne’s best DJs. The ultra-cool party atmosphere found at Sorry Grandma makes it one of the best nightclubs to hit in Melbourne.

Twenty-something’s gather every Friday and Saturday night to laugh, talk, drink and dance until 10am the following morning. The Sorry Grandma guestlist makes it

easy for you to …read more

Sorry Grandma Guestlists Get You the VIP Treatment

Want to visit the club, but don’t want to pay full price? Looking for an easy way to invite all your friends? Check out Sorry Grandma guestlists. This online function allows you to tell Sorry Grandma who you would like to invite and get them put on a special invite list. No waiting in long lines only to be turned away at the door when you use Sorry Grandma guestlists. Instead, go right in at a discounted price. All your friends need to do is mention your name.

The guestlist will let them get in for a discounted price and join you for a night of fun and grooving to the disco sounds of Sorry Grandma. Great DJs will do their thing all night long and well into the morning. Start the party around 9 PM and don’t stop until …read more

Sorry Grandma in the Melbourne CBD is The Night Club of Choice

Sorry Grandma in the Melbourne CBD is a great place to stop by when you are visiting. The club is hot, with a variety of music played every Friday and Saturday night.

Enjoy dancing to the sounds of several different DJs and music styles from techno to R&B.

When morning comes and you are just stumbling out of Sorry Grandma in the Melbourne CBD, your next stop will be a place to sleep. Check out the Langham, one of Melbourne’s five star hotels. As a tourist city Melbourne has a ton of five star hotels available, but when travelling, staying at an international chain removes some of the element of exploration.

It is always nice to find new local places to support and gain a better idea of the local customs and traditions. If you stay in the tourist areas you often miss out on …read more

Sorry Grandma, Melbourne Is For the Young

The night club scene in Melbourne is fabulous. It offers all styles of live music, top notch restaurants and a vast variety of bars. Sorry grandma, Melbourne is

definitely a place for the young and upcoming professional. As one of the most urbanised areas of Australia, Melbourne offers all kinds of entertainment and the relaxed attitude make it a great spot for eighteen and up.

Drinking is legal for anyone over eighteen and the bars are open pretty much twenty four seven. The night clubs are hopping and have great energy. They cover every type of music from house to disco and everything in between. Melbourne is known for its broad avenues, small little lanes with corner pubs nestled in every neighbourhood

and ethnic dance clubs. King Street is the night club locale, home to Sorry Grandma in Melbourne, a fantastic club. This particular night club caters to the …read more

Sorry Grandma Night Club is a New Cornerstone in the Melbourne Club Scene

Sorry Grandma, a night club in Melbourne, is relatively new on the scene. The Melbourne night club scene is in constant flux, with new clubs opening and old clubs closing on a regular basis. The club scene as a whole thrives in Melbourne, but many clubs find it difficult to keep up with the demand for new, new, new.

Sorry Grandma night club has had no problem keeping its customers satisfied and coming back for more. The wide variety of music that is played appeals to everyone and the warm atmosphere sets it apart from other club venues. Since its opening in 2010, Sorry Grandma has exploded onto the scene with great local talents DJ-ing. The international DJs that perform also help keep the club at the top of the scene.

Open on Friday and Saturday, the club caters to both party animals and relaxed talkers. The dance floor is huge and always packed, but the Parlour is …read more

Dance Til Dawn at the Sorry Grandma Nightclub

Are you looking for a great night out? Enjoy the Melbourne nightlife at the Sorry Grandma nightclub. Rocking DJ’s from around the world provide entertainment until dawn on Friday and Saturday nights. Nothing is better than a nice evening out on the weekends to get rid of the stress you pile up at work all week. After work on Friday go home and change into club gear and get ready to party. Head on down to King St. to see the variety of evening entertainment ready and waiting for you.

Sorry Grandma Nightclub is open from 9:30 PM. The decor has been put together by hot new talent, Michael Delaney and helps you get into the mood to enjoy yourself and relax. Nowhere else can you get the best music combined with great company. Head out at night for a bit of fun and find it all at Sorry Grandma. No matter what kind of entertainment you are looking for, dancing, cocktails or a hook up, you can find …read more

Don’t Pay a Penny More Than You Have to With the Sorry Grandma Online Guest List

The Sorry Grandma online guest list feature makes going out for a night on the town easy and convenient. Login online and input your guest list. Sorry Grandma will give discounted rates to anyone who mentions your name at the door. This lets you and your friends enjoy some of the world’s best DJs at affordable prices. Then after the night is over and you are thinking back on it, visit the website to check out the live webcast that is posted online of each Friday and Saturday night. Also, scroll through the photo gallery and check out your pictures.

The Sorry Grandma online guest list is available for anyone that registers on the website. Check the site to see who is spinning and when so that you …read more

The Sorry Grandma Photo Gallery Lets Your Relive Your Fun

Starting your own photo gallery online to share with your friends? The Sorry Grandma photo gallery is all about fun stuff. This photo gallery will let you relive some of the best nights in your life. You can see that cute guy you were flirting with, or pan in on that awesome girl you were dancing with.

We all want to have photos of those great nights, and whether you are celebrating a birthday, a stag night or a hen do, there will be photos of those great nights that will include everyone, so that you are …read more

Get a Memento from a Great Evening, Visit the Sorry Grandma Photogallery

If you were at the club this Friday or Saturday night check out the Sorry Grandma photogallery to see pictures of you and your friends. It’s great to be able to chronicle your evening with photos and a live web cast.

The Sorry Grandma photogallery is totally free for register users online. The only thing you need to do to register is signup. After you signup you will get periodic emails detailing events and new DJs visiting and performing. Email news keeps you current on all the doings at your favourite club and makes it …read more

Keep Your Memories Fresh with Sorry Grandma Photos

Have you ever gotten all dressed up and gone out for a party? Rocked the evening away and then woke up the next morning and wished you had a picture of yourself looking so hot? With Sorry Grandma photos that is never a problem. When you come to this night club looking for a hot place to unwind after your long and stressful work week, you get a full service package. At Sorry Grandma, photos are taken every Friday and Saturday and posted to the website.

You must register to get access, but that is no trouble because you want to keep up with the ongoing activities anyway. Now, whenever you want to, you can take a look at yourself looking your best. These pictures make perfect profile shots and are a great way to let your friends know where you are hanging out on the weekends. Sorry Grandma photos are a great way for your friends to keep up with your life. The webcast is …read more

Sorry Grandma Saturday Photos on Facebook

Sorry Grandma is located in the area of King Street in Melbourne. Though it is a fairly new club on the scene, Sorry Grandma has a very cool party atmosphere and offers some of the best music in the city. Open Friday and Saturday nights beginning at 9:30 pm, this nightclub features the best local and internationally renowned DJs spinning the beats.

One of the fun things that Sorry Grandma does is to take photos on Saturday nights of their patrons having a good time on the dance floor. When those pictures become available, Sorry Grandma posts the photos in two places, on their Facebook page and also on their official website.

If you want to find your specific Sorry Grandma Saturday photos on Facebook, you can link there directly from their website. Only select photos are chosen to …read more

Relive the Fun With Sorry Grandma Saturday Photos

Were you at one of the coolest clubs in Melbourne over the past weekend? If you were not, you certainly are missing out. Sorry Grandma is an amazingly fun, trendy and funky nightclub located in the CBD near King Street in Melbourne. If you were at Sorry Grandma this weekend, or any weekend for that matter, you should check out the Sorry Grandma Saturday photos that are posted on their official website.

At Sorry Grandma, Saturday photos are posted within days and can be shared and looked at from any computer or smart phone that has internet access. In order to view your photos you will need to …read more


Don’t Miss Sorry Grandma Saturdays

Are you stuck sitting at home on a Saturday night? Instead, check out Sorry Grandma Saturdays and enjoy a wonderful night of drinking, dancing and music with your friends. Sitting at home is fine Monday through Thursday, but the weekends are party time. Sorry Grandma Saturdays start late and finish early (at least in terms of the digits on the clock) giving you twelve hours of fantastic fun. Starting at 10pm and running until 10am this party is one you won’t want to miss, and best of all it happens every Saturday.

At Sorry Grandma, Saturdays are one of the most anticipated days of the week. Hot local DJs and international artists perform for a packed house generating a ton of positive energy. No experience comes close to the fun waiting for you at Sorry Grandma. Live web casts of the parties are available on …read more

Sorry Grandma Web Casts Bring the DJ Home

Every Friday and Saturday night there is a party on King Street and those parties are broadcast by Sorry Grandma web casts live. Visit the website online so you can see the party. Never miss the top DJs if you won’t be able to go to the club, view the live webcast and it’s almost like you’re there with everyone, enjoying the music and dancing the night away.

Sorry Grandma web casts also let you bring the DJ right into your home. International artists perform for your parties all due to the Sorry Grandma web casts. You can either save money or spend it on other things for your party when you don’t have to hire a DJ. You get music that is just like the club’s, because it is the music playing at the club! Now, not only will your parties be known …read more

Keep Up With Happenings at the Club Using Sorry Grandma Webcasts

Sorry Grandma webcasts live every Friday and Saturday night, so check out the party online. Don’t miss out on your favourite DJs when you can’t make it into the club, enjoy the music on the website. Never again miss out when you are out of town. This is also great for when you are planning a party at home. Webcasts make it so club music performed by internationally renowned artists is available for streaming right to your home so that your party will be nearly as hot as going to theclub.

Listen in and live vicariously when you are stuck at work and can’t make the opening songs. Keep up with what your friends are doing and be in on the jokes.

Never again will you have to …read more

Sorry Grandmas, A Club For Those That Want To Party The Night Away

Sorry grandmas, a club that heads up the Melbourne party scene. The high-energy, fast-paced party scene is a plethora of constantly changing styles and preferences.

The dress code ranges from very casual to high style depending on the specific scene. The ethnic clubs may turn you away for not being ethnic enough, or for trying too hard.

Even the casual clubs may not let you in if you show up in jeans and a t-shirt. Middle of the road is the key to getting in anywhere. It’s true that you can never dress up too much for the club, but it can be really embarrassing to be way over-dressed. If you keep it looking smart, sexy and cool without over-doing it, then you can get in anywhere. Make sure all your friends know the look you are pushing for …read more

Explore Funky Nightclubs in Melbourne

Melbourne is well-known for its nightclubs. There are nightclubs of all kind in Melbourne that cater to all walks of life and all tastes in music. Though the majority of the nightclubs in Melbourne are flashy with bright coloured lights, there are others that are truly unique. Finding funky nightclubs in Melbourne may be more difficult, but by following some of the tips here, you are sure to have a fantastic night out at some of the best clubs in the world.

Start by asking the locals. If you plan on being in Melbourne for a few days, making a few local friends at the hotel front desk or bar can be a positive experience as they probably know the city well. If you can’t do that, venture out to a few local restaurants and coffee shops to …read more

Find Funky Nightspots in Melbourne To Get A Feel For The Real Melbourne

Funky nightspots in Melbourne are definitely out there, you just need to know where to look. Though most of the night clubs and bars are fairly normal and tame, there are certainly those a bit more on the funky side of things that you may not see or notice at first glance. The cool thing about Melbourne is there are nightclubs peppered around the city. Though there are nightspot concentrations, such as in the CBD, many are spread out and seem almost hidden from view.

There is a saying that “the stinkier the alley, the better the bar” and this certainly can hold true in some areas of Melbourne. You can find pubs, nightclubs, and restaurants in…read more

Visit the Trendy Bars and Clubs in Melbourne

Melbourne is a definite world class city filled with culture, great food, excellent business and strong tourism, but one of the coolest things about Melbourne is the nightclub scene. With all types of clubs and bars in the city, there are always trendy bars and clubs to visit in Melbourne.

Finding the best trendy bars and clubs in Melbourne can be quite easy, especially if you have an internet connection. A great way to find a quite extensive list of trendy spots is to …read more

Trendy Nightclubs in Melbourne

Though there are many nightclubs in Melbourne, not all of them may be considered totally trendy. The trendy nightclubs in Melbourne stand out as they have a mix of coolness, hipness and style that is not found everywhere in the city. Only the trendy nightclubs in Melbourne are good enough for the most stylish of the Melbourne social circles.

For some people, however, who are not a part of these social circles, getting into these trendy clubs may become a problem as you will have no connection or known way to get into the …read more

What’s Cool in Melbourne for Young Adults?

If you are under 30 and find yourself in the city of Melbourne, you may be asking the questions “What’s cool in Melbourne”? There are actually a lot of cool things in Melbourne simply because it is just a really cool city. With attractions and events to please everyone, no matter if you are alone or in a group, you will certainly be able to find some fun and cool things to do in Melbourne during your stay.

If you want something that is fun for all ages and can take you …read more


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