Popular Nightclubs in Melbourne

Food at Popular Nightclubs in Melbourne Keeps Your Body Going Into The Wee Hours

It is quite common to want a tasty treat or naughty nibble after clubbing late into the hours no matter where you are. Many of the popular nightclubs in Melbourne have food service, but customers at those clubs who do not, rely on street fare to feed their bodies. From hot dogs to burgers to the latest Asian inspired fare, food trucks and stands set up to feed the masses as they leave the clubs.

Food trucks are quite common around the popular nightclubs in Melbourne. From the cheap and easy hot dogs, pizza slices and fried foods like chips, to the noodle trucks serving up bowls of noodles for hungry dancers, there is quite a variety of food available. In addition to those foods, there is curry available around the clock from trucks and fried meat and cheese on sticks is becoming quite popular as well. There are also baked goods available from food trucks if you have a sweet tooth.

If you don’t want to grab your food from a food truck or the lines are too long, you should get to one of the 24 hour restaurants in Melbourne. Unique but tasty late night foods include calamari, risotto, suckling pig and fantastic oysters. If you aren’t interested in that, there are many Chinese and Italian restaurants that are open all night and would be happy to please your palate.

Just because you are done dancing at the club, doesn’t mean you have to go home. Explore Melbourne and have a bite to eat on the way to watching the sun come up.


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