Places to Visit in Melbourne

Hot Places to Visit in Melbourne for Backpackers

Melbourne is an amazing city if you are a backpacker and there are many places to visit in Melbourne that may pique your interest. There are plenty of hostels available in Melbourne but just because you are backpacking, it doesn’t mean you have to stay in a hostel, there are plenty of cheap rooms available as well that cater to the needs of backpackers. Once you have found a place to stay while in Melbourne, you should venture out to the city and explore.

Though there are many areas of Melbourne, one of the coolest, especially at night is the central business district, or CBD. During the day the CBD is home to the financial hub of Australia, but as the sun sets, it becomes what you would never expect when seeing it during the day – a nightlife scene that is world class.

Both day and night there are plenty of things to see in the CBD including taking in a cricket or football game, visiting the Melbourne Aquarium or enjoying the beautiful parks that Melbourne has to offer both locals and visitors. If you plan on going to the nightclubs at night, take a nap, as you will be in for a treat!

Some of the best places to visit in Melbourne are the numerous nightclubs of the city and they can be found all over the place. There are many in the CBD which you may already be familiar with. Make sure, if in the CBD, you are exploring the lanes as well. Some night club gems are hidden among them.


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