Places to See in Melbourne

Top Places to see in Melbourne

If you are visiting Melbourne for the first time, you are in for a treat. There are tons of places to see in Melbourne and certainly something for every taste and personality. The city is filled with art, culture, amusement attractions, parks, theatres, beaches, sporting events, top notch restaurants and nightclubs. With an endless array of options, it can certainly be difficult to narrow down the exact things you want to see. So much so that you will probably have to make a second trip or extend your stay in order to fit it all in!

You will likely want to visit the areas of Melbourne where all the action takes place such as the city centre, home of the central business district by day and amazing nightlife when the sun goes down. Other top places to see in Melbourne include Chinatown, which is an excellent place to spend a few hours shopping and eating, the Greek precinct, perfect for dessert and sampling pastries from the west. Just a short trip outside the city limits to St. Kilda brings you entertainment, some of which you may have never seen in your life. No matter where you go in Melbourne, most of the city is connected with an excellent public transportation system that is easy to understand even for foreign visitors.

You won’t want to miss the parks, gardens and beaches in Melbourne and if you have time, catch a cricket or football match. At night, you simply must hit a nightclub or two in order to experience all the city has to offer.


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