Nightclubs in Melbourne

Low Key Nightclubs in Melbourne

If you are in Melbourne and want to experience the nightlife there are many nightclubs. Many of them have DJs who play house music, electronic music, indie music and hip hop. Along with that comes a lot of dancing, thumping beats and mixed drinks. Luckily, if this isn’t your scene, there are other nightclubs in Melbourne that are a bit lower key. They still play great music, but have a more relaxed atmosphere.

Some of the clubs in Melbourne are dual clubs. They may have a high energy, classy, flashy area on the first floor. They probably have high class cocktails and fancy food on the menu, but if you go upstairs you will find a very low key, comfortable area with beers, comfort food and burgers and chips. Usually the dual clubs are extra fun because you have two choices on how your night can play out.

Other clubs in Melbourne offer a great restaurant with fantastic food on one level of the club and another level may have a dance floor, or two, or three! You don’t have to necessarily dance at these nightclubs in Melbourne, but you can certainly check out the area and have a good meal, for instance, at the same time.

If you are at an actual nightclub and need a break or breather, many of them have rooftop bars or dance floors that are usually less crowded and noisy than the main areas of the club. It is always an option to venture outside for a quick rest before getting back out of the floor.


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