Nightclubs in Melbourne CBD

Visiting Nightclubs in Melbourne CBD – Know Your Way Around

Melbourne is known well for many things, one of them being the outstanding nightlife, another as being a major financial centre in Australia and Asia. When you marry the two together, you will get a nice variety of nightclubs in the Melbourne CBD. Though the central business district is ties and suits during the day, at night it transforms and is home to over 50 bars, pubs, nightclubs and restaurants.

Before you get dressed and ready to go, you need to be aware of a few unwritten rules of the nightclubs. Though some are plainly common sense, others may be a surprise. Common sense should tell you that no matter what nightclub you are at in the world, you should be respectful and in control of yourself and the people you are with. You should also know that the drinking age in Australia is 18, so if you are visiting from another country, you may or may not be able to drink in the night clubs depending on your age. Remember that many clubs will have dress codes and if you do not follow those dress codes you will be denied entry. Speaking of not being able to get in, if you are not on a specific guest list, if you are intoxicated or the club is full, you very well could be denied entry. You will either have to wait to see if spots open up or move along to another club. Luckily there are many nightclubs in the Melbourne CBD. Don’t get upset, just move on.


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