Melbourne Nightlife

Melbourne Nightlife on King Street – Where To Go For Fun

When on the hunt for the best Melbourne nightlife, everyone should definitely head over to King Street. Beginning in West Melbourne and running through Melbourne to Flinders Street, King Street and the areas around it is the hub of nightlife in the city. Decidedly becoming the hippest place in the city for night clubs, bars, strip clubs and trendy restaurants, King Street is definitely the place to be when the sun goes down in Melbourne.

With something to do for everyone, even groups fare well on King Street since there are so many activities to engage in. The night clubs play host to world famous DJs who pump house and electronic sounds through the streets. Some of the clubs on King Street are world famous and many others are well on their way to worldwide fame. There are clubs and bars on King Street open 24 hours if that is your fancy and the strip clubs are a gathering for bucks parties.

Whether you are a local or visitor to Melbourne, you will always find fun on King Street. As it is the heart of Melbourne nightlife you should certainly make a night or even weekend out of your King Street adventures. There are several hotels in the area in case you need to rest for a few hours before going out again. The most important thing to remember on King Street in Melbourne is to have a blast with your mates and dance the whole night away.


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