Melbourne Nightclubs

Melbourne Nightclubs – Get Out And About And Find New Adventures

In Melbourne, Australia, the club scene is fairly unique compared to other big cities in the world. Many of the Melbourne Nightclubs are hidden away on side streets, tucked in between buildings where banking and financial companies thrive and work in the daylight hours. Once the sun sets, the streets come alive, the clubs open and many boast some of the best house music in the world. With local and visiting DJs from around the world, visiting the side streets and hidden clubs of Melbourne can be an unforgettable experience for anyone who wants to take the plunge.

There are many clubs in Melbourne that are theme clubs and many others that are simple bars, trendy restaurants and quiet, intense meeting places. With so much variety in one city, there is surely a night time activity that everyone will enjoy.

Since Melbourne nightclubs are hidden away in many cases and tucked in places you may not expect, you will find that they are certainly peppered throughout the city. You may not even notice them as you walk around during the day. It is guaranteed, however, that you will feel the beats through your body as you near some of these great clubs at night. Some of the areas of Melbourne where the most night clubs are located are Fitzroy, the southern part of north Melbourne and St. Kilda, which is a bit outside the city border. King Street is a popular nightclub area and Prahran is always worth a visit for those looking for unique clubs.


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