Melbourne CBD Nightclubs

University Students and Melbourne CBD Nightclubs Are A Perennial Combination

With two major universities in the central business district of Melbourne, CBD nightclubs are usually rocking, alive and well, at all times. If you are a student at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology or the University of Melbourne, you are probably well acquainted with the nightlife of Melbourne and if you are a new student to either university, you probably are looking forward to becoming acquainted with the CBD night life.

As a young adult paradise, the CBD of Melbourne plays host to many nightclubs, bars, restaurants and even strip clubs, if that’s your poison. University students are the perfect guests for these clubs as they cater to the young, beautiful and hip young adult who wants to have fun, dance and hear the latest house music from some of the world’s most respected and well known DJs.

If the Melbourne CBD nightclub scene isn’t your thing, there is so much more to do. There are bars that are relaxed and friendly, breweries where you can find homemade beers and restaurants featuring the best of both Australian and worldwide cuisine. You can usually find a festival or street event happening at any time and you are very near some of Melbourne’s parks and gardens where you can usually find other forms of entertainment like music and shows. You can also check out an excellent casino. But more than likely you will find your way into the great nightclubs, because that is where all your compatriots will be.

During the day, the CBD is the home of bankers and business minded people going through the daily grind, but at night, when the sun goes down, the music is turned up and nightlife prevails.


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