Hot Spots in Melbourne

Hot Spots in Melbourne for Nightlife – Know Where To Go

Melbourne is considered a lot of things, including the financial centre of Australia. It is also well known for art, fashion and of course, its nightlife. Though the nightlife of Melbourne is spread throughout the city, some of the best known hot spots in Melbourne are areas within the city like the central business district, the city centre and St. Kilda, on the outskirts of the city.

The central business district, or CBD, of Melbourne boasts some of the hottest clubs in the city. Here you will find a lot of house music and electronic beats along with restaurants, clubs and other nightly entertainment.

The second great hot spot is the city centre of Melbourne, which actually contains the CBD, and has nightclubs, pubs and restaurants scattered throughout the streets and lanes. You are sure to find whatever you are seeking in the city centre as there is so much variety when it comes to night time entertainment.

The third and one of the best known hot spots in Melbourne is the area of St. Kilda. Though it is not in the city limits of Melbourne, it is extremely close and many of Melbourne’s attractions are located there. During the day there are wonderful parks, an amusement park, beaches and so much more. When the sun goes down, the nightclubs come to life. With a wide variety of music and clubs in St. Kilda from the traditional house music to Saturday night drag shows, there is certainly something for everyone in this close suburb of Melbourne.


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