Funky Nightspots in Melbourne

Find Funky Nightspots in Melbourne To Get A Feel For The Real Melbourne

Funky nightspots in Melbourne are definitely out there, you just need to know where to look. Though most of the night clubs and bars are fairly normal and tame, there are certainly those a bit more on the funky side of things that you may not see or notice at first glance. The cool thing about Melbourne is there are nightclubs peppered around the city. Though there are nightspot concentrations, such as in the CBD, many are spread out and seem almost hidden from view.

There is a saying that “the stinkier the alley, the better the bar” and this certainly can hold true in some areas of Melbourne. You can find pubs, nightclubs, and restaurants in the strangest places sometimes. A simple search online will show sites with the locals telling visitors that all the best clubs are hidden and unless you know exactly where to look, you can’t find them. Luckily the Melbourne locals are good people and fill the rest of the world in on the secrets.

If you want to try to find funky nightspots in Melbourne on your own, hit the pavement and search in areas where you feel there should probably not be a night club and you will likely find one easily. Sometimes there will simply be a blank door with no indication it is a club or bar and other times you may see many people walking down a dark lane for no apparent reason. If you are looking for a funky nightspot, you should probably follow them!


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