Funky Nightclubs in Melbourne

Explore Funky Nightclubs in Melbourne

Melbourne is well-known for its nightclubs. There are nightclubs of all kind in Melbourne that cater to all walks of life and all tastes in music. Though the majority of the nightclubs in Melbourne are flashy with bright coloured lights, there are others that are truly unique. Finding funky nightclubs in Melbourne may be more difficult, but by following some of the tips here, you are sure to have a fantastic night out at some of the best clubs in the world.

Start by asking the locals. If you plan on being in Melbourne for a few days, making a few local friends at the hotel front desk or bar can be a positive experience as they probably know the city well. If you can’t do that, venture out to a few local restaurants and coffee shops to ask about the night club scene there. If you go into the right places, you may even see adverts up about different nightclubs. If you are looking for funky clubs, look for funky ads!

Your next step should be to scour the Internet for funky nightclubs in Melbourne. Though it is a bit disconnected from the local scene, you still may stumble upon reviews from local people that will help. Always visit the website of the club as that can give you a great idea of what kind of club it will be. There will often be photos so you can judge the “funkiness” for yourself.

If you really want to find the funky clubs, go out and find them! Search the CBD and St. Kilda especially as they have the most diverse scenes in the city.


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