Booking for Sorry Grandma

Booking for Sorry Grandma is Easy and Quick

A great place to have a party is a place where a party is always going on. If you are looking to find a place to let your hair down then look at local night clubs. Booking for Sorry Grandma is a fast and simple process. If you have small group simply register on the website and input your guest list. Lists turned in prior to 4:30pm are processed that day. As long as you don’t need the whole club it can be a breeze to plan your next event.

No worries about ordering food, providing beverages or getting entertainment when you arrange a booking at Sorry Grandma. The benefits are endless; no clean-up, inexpensive and low stress. Once you send in your guest list, Sorry Grandma will even offer discounts to everyone you invited. All your guests need to do is mention your name when they arrive to get a special discount on the cover price.

This new club is quickly gaining a reputation for fabulous service, musical variety and a wonderful atmosphere. The lovely design, created by Michael Delaney, is very warm as well as functional. It offers the best of all worlds with plenty of nooks and crannies to curl up in with friends and a huge dance floor to move on as you work out the kinks. The wonderful mix of house, techno, R&B and Disco make the club unique.

If you need a larger venue and are looking to rent out the whole club, then visit the website to contact Sorry Grandma and get the details.


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