Birthdays at Sorry Grandma

Birthdays at Sorry Grandma are Unforgettable

Celebrate your birthdays at Sorry Grandma to get the best deals. When you register for a birthday event at Sorry Grandma you get four free drink tickets to use that night. Keep them all for yourself or dole them out to friends, either way they help you save money while you enjoy your celebration.

Setting up your guest list for birthdays at Sorry Grandma is incredibly simple. Check out the website, register and then send in the list. All your guests will be offered a discount on the cover price if they mention your name at the door, making the evening both fun and affordable.

Enjoy listening to world class talent as the DJs spin a variety of musical styles. Techno, house, R&B and Disco are a few of the most common sounds that play at Sorry Grandma. Boogie across the floor to these rhythmic beats and dance like there’s no tomorrow. When you are exhausted from all the partying, settle into a comfortable booth with your friends and order luscious cocktails until you ready to face the music once more.

The tea-based drinks are refreshing and energising, just what you need after hours on the dance floor and a glass of sangria goes down smoothly to help quench your thirst. Don’t stand at the bar waiting for someone to notice you, instead enjoy quick and efficient table service that brings your drinks to you. Dawn may be around the corner, but you will never know as you party until you drop inside this all-night dance club.


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